St Ronan's Terrace

Living Spaces

A new bright, calm kitchen and dining space was created within the existing footprint of a previously cramped-feeling rear kitchen and sitting room. We introduced generous amounts of rooflighting and threw the back elevation open to the garden.


The entire process from early discussions to the final coat of paint was thoroughly enjoyable. The whole house works better and the new kitchen and dining room are a joy to live and work in, day and night come rain or shine.


The modernity of the conversion and the traditional Victorian character of the rest of the house complement one another perfectly.


The relationship between the house and garden has also been completely transformed. In warm weather, with the folding doors open, it is hard to be quite sure where the house ends and the garden starts!


Even with the doors closed on a stormy day there is an integrity and intimacy between indoors and out we would never have thought possible. It should be great if/when it snows.

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Generous rooflighting brings light into the whole space.