Swanston House

Living Spaces

Located on a previous market garden plot in South Edinburgh, Swanston House is a private, yet open, family home.

The 1950’s suburban context demanded an innovative massing approach utilising multi-level ‘enclosed gardens’; to provide private living spaces whilst maximising the interior space and views south towards the Pentland Hills. 

The orientation of the plan and staggering of the volumes facilitates the creation of two courtyards; one to the east to benefit from the morning sun and one to the west to capture the evening light. An external terrace over the link block allows the first floor to enjoy the views, which are enhanced by a sedum roof. 

The house is constructed using a timber frame system, clad in Scot Larch and a breathable lime render. The whole house utilises Natural Building Technologies breathable construction systems, with Natural Zinc roofs. The heating and hot water system is powered by an Air Source Heat Pump and the house also benefits from a Sustainable Urban Drainage attenuation system to manage rain and surface water.

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