RCS Practice Rooms

Work Spaces

To accommodate an increased student intake, there was an opportunity to take two large, double-height spaces in the existing main building of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and repurpose them into 27 acoustically separated rooms for individual practice and 2 large ensemble and performance rehearsal spaces.


To fulfill the brief within this complex and working building required a careful analysis of how new architectural, structural and mechanical requirements might fit above, below and between the existing. Glazing was articulated to provide visual coherence but differed in scale to suit each condition and provided a window seat for gathering at the light and a view onto the bustling street below. They also provided an opportunity for the street to catch a glimpse of the internal life and vibrancy of this outwardly-austere building.


The team strove, where possible, to provide naturally ventilated spaces, as these are proven to be more pleasant to occupy over long periods of intense use, typically the case in music and performance rehearsal.


This small but effective intervention into the lively and bustling building is designed to accommodate spaces for both social interaction and the singular dedicated pursuit of improvement which is the lifeblood of the Conservatoire. 

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