Seaside House

Living Spaces

This newly constructed house sits within a Conservation Area on a prominent site just inland of the East Lothian coastline. The design takes advantage of the 180 degree view out to sea and the passage of the sun during the day, and makes use of a palette of materials best suited to sit between adjacent neighbouring properties.


The external appearance of the house uses horizontal forms and a palette of materials including stone and zinc, making reference to those found in the adjacent existing properties. The Living Room sits within the lower form, and enjoys high level light from a south facing clerestorey window along the rear elevation.


A generous and open stair, of stone treads, runs through the centre of the house. Extensive natural light is brought into the Hallway from roof lights above, and the windows are aligned in order to frame the views to the East Lothian islands of Fidra and Lamb.


Large glazed sliding doors can be opened such that the rooms of the Ground Floor Level flow and feel like one large living area. The external sliding doors allow constant connection to the garden and the sea beyond.

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