Merchiston House

Living Spaces

The brief for this detached Victorian property, in the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh, was to create a bright, open but warm home with strong cohesion between Garden and House. Extensive alterations of the existing building and two new extensions were formed to achieve this.


Visual connections were created through the existing plan and to the garden beyond. Years of alteration and decoration have been stripped back and the property extensively repaired to simplify the spaces and allow the old and new rooms to calmly connect and flow together. Generous allowances for carefully designed storage ensure that the floor plan remains uncluttered and a minimal, yet comfortable, overall feel is achieved.


Externally the construction of two dark zinc-clad extensions make a modern statement within the nurtured Japanese gardens that now surround the rear of the property. This eastern influence again becomes apparent at night when the large glazed walls of the new rooms are closed off by way of oak and rice-paper 'Shoji' screens. These screens cleverly retreat into the walls when not in use.