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Foundations Complete

A party was held at the site of the new Conacher Reynolds house to celebrate the completion of the foundations.  The neat concrete pads will support the green oak frame giving a light touch on the sloping landscape overlooking the sea.



It is fifty times bigger but even we were surprised by how similar the completed kitchen at Stoer is to the cardboard model made almost two years earlier to help the clients get a sense of the space beneath the oak scissor trusses.


You can see from the finished photograph that the clients decided to add some additional top light during the design process but little else has changed during the later stages of detailed design amp construction. The double height space is the heart of this rural home beautifully sited on a Sutherland croft.


Photos of this croft house in its unique setting can be seen here >.


Seaside Home Complete in Inverness-shire

A new seaside family house is now complete in Roshven, Invernessshire.


The environmentally friendly house is constructed entirely of wood with Green oak frame creating large double height internal spaces. The timber walls have been super insulated with NBT breathable wood fibre insulation and a taped air tight wall construction. This makes the house very easy to heat. Due to the remote location there is no gas or water supply available. An Air Source Heat pump located under the houseuses electricity to generate energy at a three to one ratio to power the underfloor heating and domestic hot water. A bore hole drilled to a depth of fifty metres provides clean water from the rocks which is UV treated to provide the drinking water.


View more photographs of this project >


Timber Frame Erected in Roshven

The timber frame for a new house overlooking Goat Island on the west coast of Scotland has been complete.


Designed by Carpenter Oak Woodland from douglas fir the frame will remain visible after the building has been completed. The house has been designed to have a light touch on the landscape and sits on small concrete pads cast directly onto the rocky site.


View details of the completed project >


A Light Touch on the Landscape

Delicate concrete feet cast for a new house in Roshven.


The new house stands on a rocky beach just above the high tide line. This low carbon house has a green oak frame. The main timber columns land on these neat little concrete pads. This means that the ground beneath the house is relatively unaffected by the buildings presence.


Wherever possible we would recommend a light touch on the landscape. We have used this strategy on other remote projects in beautiful locations where preserving the landscape is of the utmost priority. Frisealach - another costal project on a rocky site - was completed in 2007.


View the completed project at Roshven >


Scissor Trusses Installed at Stoer

Three green oak scissor trusses are installed at new house by Carpenter Oak Woodland.


We were excited to receive site photos of the scissor trusses during their installation. The hand crafted green oak trusses will form the centre piece of this newly built family home situated on a croft in the north west highlands.


The green oak trusses are supported on conventional timber kit walls. Other projects also in collaboration with Carpenter Oak Woodland use green oak as their primary structure throughout such as our project currently on site in Roshven and Frisealach completed in 2008.